What we do

Lead management
Web enable your business
Webservices and API’s
Data analysis

Lead Management

  • Are you an affiliate? Do you generate leads for other companies?
  • Do you purchase/receive leads from a number of different affiliates and suppliers?
  • Do you manage leads on behalf of other companies acting as an intermediary?

Our lead management app can help capture and automate the routing of these leads via our rules based app and make the whole management of leads very simple. Here’s some of the features:-

  • track your leads
  • report on progress
  • invoice leads
  • build rules to distribute leads automatically
  • unlimited lead types
  • build web forms
  • track campaigns
  • can be customised for your business needs

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Web enable your business

  • Do you have a backoffice system? databases etc that aren’t available via the web and accessed only by people in your office?
  • Do you still enter data manually on spreadsheets?
  • Do you have sales teams out and about that need to access and update data, while they are out?
  • Are you manually creating reports for your clients?

Why not get your system web enabled via an admin control panel, so you can view your business activity where ever you are. Our web admin framework helps us build functional web admin apps quickly and cost effectively, so you can transform access to your business data.

  • access your data wherever your are
  • have all you employees view/edit data
  • allow your clients/suppliers/partners to login and view what they need
  • view sales
  • access business documents
  • user level access
  • pre built reports

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Webservices and API’s

  • Do you have a database of information that you’d like other companies and customers to access?
  • Do you need to access to open and/or commercial webservices?
  • Do you want to open up access to your application via an API so other systems/users can access your application data?
  • Do you need to integrate with a client/supplier/partners system?

We can help, whether you simply want to connect with existing webservices to use within your application or you’ve got you own database that you’d like to turn into a commercial webservice or simply to make it publicly available.

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Data analysis

  • Do you have a database that needs to be analysed for patterns or questions you need answered?
  • Do you have a marketing data that needs segmented?

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Do you need some independent advice on what technology might help your business?, what you really need?, how much is it going to cost?. We offer simple to the point advice on just what you need, sometimes the advice is you don’t anything.

Most IT consultancy is aimed for the larger businesses where you need to pay thousands and it out of reach for small businesses that need it most. We are different we can offer affordable one hour sessions via Skype. Sometimes that’s all you need to get clear on what you need to do.

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