Gavin Barnett
Hi I’m Gavin Barnett, Namaranet is my business. I’ve been involved web development and other aspects of it for about 15 years now, the last 3 in my own business, which I have to say is a lot more interesting than some of the jobs I’ve had.

I have worked for several companies in the past, previous to me going on on my own I worked for Leadbay, where I designed their bidding platform, which went on to be the leader in it’s field. I also worked for some large corporate as well Standard Life in Edinburgh and american technology firm Unisys. The days of having 2 hour, 3 course lunch on the roof terrace, followed by coffee and cake in the cafe, all for about 50p are long gone. Still, it wasn’t all lunches, the training provided by corporate companies was great.

So why am I now working for myself, well life style for one reason the other is I’m passionate about making solutions simple and cost effective for clients, especially small businesses where you need to more creative due to financial constraints. I just like finding solutions to problems or just simply helping small businesses out and giving them exactly what they need nothing more and it being a win win exchange. I like win win exchanges, shouldn’t they all be that way.

When not working on projects you’ll find me mountain biking in Wales and the south west. If it’s an F1 or six nations weekend then I’ll be in front of the telly.