Here’s what we do

Lead Management
Whether you're an affiliate generating and selling leads or you buy leads from lots of sources or act as an intermediary, our lead management web application can help capture and automate the routing of these leads and report on the progress of the lead (more...)
Web backend development
We don't do front ends but love backends, IT backends that is. Have you got a web design that needs to be hooked up to a database and be dynamic?
Web enable your business
Do you have lots of different systems? Why not connect all your IT systems into a web enabled dashboard so you can monitor your business activity wherever you are (more...)
System integrations
Do you have an application that needs to communicate with a clients/partners system? We can build various types of integrations (more...)
Webservices and API’s
Do you have database/s of information that you'd like other companies and customers to access? We can help turn your datastore into an online webservice (more...)
Need advice on what technology you need for your business? We can offer straight simple advice to help you on your way (more...)

Here’s how we like to do it

We like to keep things simple, clear and efficient. We don't like waste, so won't suggest endless and/or unnecessary meetings. .

Our aim is simply to deliver what we say we will, when we will, we'll do it. If a project doesn't take our fancy we won't do it and tell you straight, no stringing along from us.

If we make a mistake we'll tell you as soon as we know it was us. We'll put it right, we won't hide our mistakes, we're only human after all.

We're not keen on complicated contracts, we prefer good old relationship building, do you like us, do we like you? yes - then lets do it. If this resonates with how you'd like to work then lets get together, if not we wish you well.

Who uses us

From small startups, medium sized companies to a FTSE100 company. They have all benefited from our clear and simple approach to web applications.

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